Traditionally, Math instruction relied on drilling and memorization of a number of skills each year, Singapore Math and Math in Focus, focuses on not only learning new skills, but mastering a limited number of concepts each academic year. The goal is for your children to perform well because they understand the material on a deeper level; they are not just learning it for the test.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Math

Hello Friends!  Below is a link to a math website that I created for you to practice your skills over the summer.  Have fun learning together!
                   -Ms. Stark

Kahoot It!

My Math friends and I had so much fun in class yesterday!

We used a student response system called Kahoot.

How is works:

I first opened a free account. Next, I created my own Kahoot quiz.  After, the kids logged on and played along with me.  Every student logs on to play.  For every Kahoot that is made, there is a game pin given. This is what you need to log in.
This is where you enter the pin in the white box. Once you do, you are in!

What this program does is records student responses to questions given in a Kahoot quiz.  After the students log in, they then enter a nickname.  You can put your real name, but my kids just used initials to protect anonymity.  After every question, students and teachers can then see what the correct answer was, as well as how many of their peers were able to guess correctly.  After each question, Kahoot graphs the student responses.  It is very cool!!

I created a summer math Kahoot!

  Here are some examples of the problems given in the Summer Math Kahoot:

This was such a fun and interactive way to practice math together!

Always remember to keep math fun!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Math Puzzles

This week my first and second grade friends have been reviewing our core skills that have been taught this past school year.  We have reviewed number bonds, the concept of parts to a whole, addition and subtraction strategies, and place value. 

 I am so proud of all of their hard work!

I also mixed things up a bit and threw some math puzzle at them!

See if you can solve these:
How to solve:  Fill in the circles using the numbers provided to you on the yellow post-its. You can only use the numbers once and you must use all of them. There is one subtraction and one addition puzzle.  The answers are down below.
Good Luck!!

Answers are below

 Did you get the answers???
Ask your kids to help...

Have fun learning together!

Friday, May 23, 2014

What's Happening in First and Second...

It's all about place value in first grade these days!

Students are learning to add and subtract 2 digit numbers through hand-ons work using our tens, ones, and our place value boards.  
Here the student builds the number 45.
It is comprised of 4 tens and 5 ones.

Below are captions and examples from your child's textbook.
Take a look at what is happening in the classroom:

We are adding 2 digit numbers. We are learning to add in a number of ways!
We are doing a lot of building on our own place value charts.

Using our place value charts we are learning how to regroup.
By using our  math tools to build numbers
we can visually see our numbers and their values.  
Here's another strategy:

By breaking down numbers into number bonds,
 students can reconstruct and look at numbers from a tens perspective.

Instead of 24+3 ,
we can look at it as 20+7

Ways to help at home:
It is important to reinforce these skills learned at school at home as well.  Whether driving in the car or going for a walk, give your child a number and ask them to tell you the value of the ones place and the value of the tens place.

How many tens are in 35?
How many ones are in 35?

Log on:

Log onto Think Central to play at home!

Play a game:

In Second grade this week...

Fraction Campers continued on exploring the world of fractions!

As fraction explorers we set out in search of fraction examples in the hallways of the Fred C. Underhill School. Armed with cameras, here's what they found:
This student saw this lemon.

Look at the flower!
The newspaper is divided into fourths.

What a cute bug! It's wings are divided evenly into halves! 
There are 4 circles: 1/4 green, 1/4 red, 1/4 yellow, and 1/4 blue




Great job explorers!!!

As a reward for their efforts we ended our week with an arts and crafts session where we made fortune tellers to reinforce fractions, parts of a whole, and equality.  Here are some pictures of our activity:

Thanks for making fraction camp so much fun second grade friends !